Helping Inventors

We Provide Hands-On, Customized Services to Help Farmers, Entrepreneurs, and Existing Businesses Commercialize, License, or Sell Their Ag-Technology Ideas and Inventions

Ag-Tech Focus

We focus our services on ag-tech equipment, tools, machinery, software, or other specialty ag-tech related products.

Client Services

We provide our clients customized, one-on-one services to propel them through business hurdles.

Ag-Community Support

We connect our clients with local farmers and agri-business experts who will confidentially assess technology ideas, provide recommendations to improve new products, and field test prototypes.

Private-Sector Expertise

We have established partnerships and relationships with a variety of private-sector companies to provide clients with a wide-range of services, often at discounted or flat-rate services, and in some circumstances, free services.

"The expert assistance provided by the Great Lakes Ag-Tech Business Incubator is exactly what GrassRoots Energy LLC needed to propel us forward. I would strongly encourage farmers and entrepreneurs with ag-technology ideas to connect with the Incubator if they want to establish a business and rapidly generate sales."

Frank VanKempen, Managing Member, GrassRoots Energy LLC

In The News

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